Investing in the Future of Healthcare in the East Bay

For more than a century, Sutter Health’s Alta Bates Summit has proudly cared for the people of the East Bay, pioneers in building flourishing businesses and strong communities. We are deeply committed to the health of the people we serve and meeting the changing needs of our community. As the East Bay grows and changes, Alta Bates Summit is looking toward the future, planning now to ensure we grow along with our community. By 2030, we plan to build a new, state-of-the-art acute care medical center and Emergency Department at our Summit Campus in Oakland. All inpatient and emergency hospital services will be based at this new medical center, built to meet rigorous seismic standards set by the State of California. In Berkeley, at our Alta Bates and Herrick campuses, we will expand access to outpatient services, including doctors’ visits, surgery and cancer care centers, and urgent care clinics.

This vision for the future ensures the most technologically advanced care with more emergency capacity, improved access to services and a better healthcare experience for our community.


What’s Behind Our Vision 2030?

Located less than three miles from the Alta Bates Campus in Berkeley, our Summit Campus in Oakland is situated in a “medical village,” a roughly 17-square block area that includes many other medical services and doctors’ offices. It has room to accommodate new construction, including a new acute care tower and a much larger emergency room. Our vision is to build a modern regional medical center that incorporates the latest advances in hospital design, including all private rooms with technological features that enhance patient care, safety and comfort.

The way people access healthcare has changed. Fewer people receive care in hospitals. Most care today is delivered in outpatient settings, like your doctor’s office, at a surgery center, or in a walk-in or urgent care clinic. To keep pace with these changes, we plan to expand outpatient services at our Alta Bates and Herrick campuses in Berkeley and expand acute care services into one larger, regional medical center at our Summit Campus in Oakland.

Earthquake safety standards set by the State of California are also guiding our future plans. California State Bill 1953 mandates that all California acute care facilities either retrofit their buildings to meet stricter earthquake standards or discontinue acute care in those locations by the year 2030. These new seismic regulations will make the current Alta Bates Campus in Berkeley ineligible for inpatient hospital use by 2030.It is our plan to relocate all Berkeley inpatient hospital and emergency services, including all staff and doctors, to Oakland.